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“Make Everyday Special with Essano”

At Essano, we believe we have one of the strongest Product Promises in mass retail channels in the world. We carefully select each and every ingredient we include and reject any harsh chemical that could irritate, contaminate or be unsafe for our consumers. We choose plant based, natural ingredients, proven for their effectiveness and ability to deliver amazing results. It’s also important to us to be good global citizens, behaving in an ethical, socially responsible way. We control our entire manufacturing process from “plants to products” so have the ability to monitor every step of a product’s development. We believe so strongly in all these values that we made it a promise and put it on the front of all of our packaging, nice!

We also believe that natural, effective products shouldn’t be expensive or exclusive, that’s why you’ll find our range at Grocery and Pharmacy stores across Australasia, at affordable price points.

More than anything, we believe the most important person is you. We know that you are probably ridiculously busy, rushing around, looking after everyone else, often with ‘me’ dropping down that long to-do list. So, we are focused on creating beautiful, effective products that give you a chance to have something special for you, everyday. It may just be your moment of peace in the shower, at your desk during a busy day or when you hop into bed feeling refreshed and smelling gorgeous…whatever your moment, you deserve it to be special, that’s where we come in.


Certified Organic

We are certified organic by Ecocert who are the largest inspection and certification body in the world. Ecocert is the benchmark in organic certification worldwide. Eight of our skincare products are certified organic and the rest of our range across hair and skincare are full of organic goodness also.

Part of a sustainable world

Being environmentally friendly and having a sustainable business model is an integral part of who we are. Our business is unique in New Zealand in that we control our entire manufacturing process. We are part of the Sustainable Business Network New Zealand which certifies that our business practices are responsible and provide a benefit to our global community, our employees and help protect our natural environment.


We also ensure all our packaging is recyclable. The whole manufacturing process is controlled, with the packaging and outer packaging being either biodegradable or recyclable. Our entire factory and corporate office has strong recycling policies in place, in keeping with our sustainable business practices.

Protecting our animal friends

None of our products are tested on animals, just some lucky, lovely ladies!

Our entire range is suitable for all skin types and especially great for sensitive or damaged skin. Join us on Facebook, sign up to receive our monthly emails or just check out some of the fantastic feedback we’re getting from women who have tried Essano™ already.