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Gentle Facial Cleansing Micellar Water

Remove makeup, cleanse and soothe. pH Balanced.
Enriched with certified organic Rosehip Oil and Aloe Vera.

Rosehip Gentle Facial Cleansing Micellar Water product shot

Harnessing the combined power of Micelles, certified organic Rosehip Oil and Aloe Vera this multi-tasking powerhouse will gently and effectively clean skin in just one step.

Active Micellar Water molecules latch onto the dirt, makeup and other impurities on your skin, removing them gently and effectively. Essano™ Micellar Water leaves your face perfectly cleansed and refreshed - no rinsing needed.
 Available in both a convenient travel size 100ml and larger 400ml bottle.

Scientifically formulated to:

  • Remove dirt, oil and makeup without rinsing

  • Support the natural pH balance of your skin

  • Soothe with certified organic Aloe Vera and Rosehip Oil

How to use:

  1. Soak a cotton pad with Essano™ Micellar Cleansing Water

  2. Gently wipe over face, eyes and lips. No excessive rubbing or rinsing required.