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Anzac Day - brand heritage

Anzac Day - brand heritage

We are all commemorating Anzac Day this month and taking the time to remember the importance of those who fought for our rights and freedoms. After all, we have more to thank these men and women for than just our favourite cookie! History is important to us here at Essano™, so we are sharing the heritage of our brand with you!

At Essano™,our passion is to deliver certified organic goodness, beautiful products and amazing results for everyone! The premise of our brand is the belief that access to organic and natural products should be possible for everyone, which is why we conveniently sell our products at your local supermarkets and pharmacies. The basis of our products is Rosehip Oil because it is organic and historic. This Oil is clinically proven to reduce the appearance of fine lines, scars, stretch marks and sun damage - what's not to love!

We have hand-picked all of our ingredients, choosing only those that will deliver you the best results - the ones that are proven for their efficacy in skincare. And we have a long list of things we won’t ever put in our products – that’s Our Promise to you. Also we can assure you we are committed to helping you find products for your skincare regimen that are part of a sustainable world and never tested on animals - just on some lucky, lovely ladies!