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A chat with Honeywrap™

A chat with Honeywrap™

How did you come up with the idea of Honeywrap™? We love it!

Honeywrap™ was actually inspired by a school project! Along with our kids, we discovered that fabric covered with Beeswax could be used as an alternative to plastic wrap. This led us on an amazing path of discovery as we couldn’t find a product similar to what we wanted anywhere in New Zealand – so Honeywrap™ was created! We use 100% organic cotton with a unique blend of Beeswax. The result is cloth that is tacky enough to cover various food and dishes, and can be used over and over again and lasts up to a year.

Why are sustainability and environmental causes important to you?

We have always been passionate about the environment and sustainability. We are not eco-warriors but we always try to do our bit for the environment like using cloth nappies, recyclable shopping bags and walking instead of driving. Developing Honeywrap™ has been incredibly exciting as it is something easy to use, reduces waste, and is functional. We believe it can make a difference.

What is it about Essano™ that you love?

The products are amazing - we all love the Rosehip Oil and it’s great for mums and bubs! We also like that Essano™ is part of the Sustainable Business Network which has as one of its principles to use ways that restore and enhance the environment. All the packaging you use is recyclable, and you have a strong brand promise (like us) that lists all the chemicals you won’t include in your products and you use only natural ingredients, definitely a plus for us.

Lastly, what is your favourite Essano™ product?

Tara – Body Lotion! It smells so amazing and feels like such a treat on my skin!

Amy – Night Crème. It feels so beautiful on my skin at night and I wake up with such soft skin, always!

Jo – Has to be the Rosehip Oil - I use it every day! As it is certified organic, I use it everywhere - on my face, body and hands; it’s so versatile.

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