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5 Clever Hacks to try this Christmas

If you’re looking for ways to add something special to your Christmas celebrations, but are quickly running out of time, we’ve found some great Christmas hacks which will make you look like a creative genius.

1. Festive card holders are easy to make with three candy canes tied together with a silver or gold ribbon. Use them as place cards or dish cards.

2. Reuse your Mason jars. The best way to set the mood is by ambient lighting. Get a glow in your room with floating candles and decorations in a jar filled with water.

3. You can make your Christmas treats healthier by adding some fruits! Kids will love the combination of bananas, strawberries and marshmallows on a stick!

4. Keep your drinks cool in style. Or better yet, freeze some cranberries in your ice tray to jazz up any drink!

5. Upcycled gift-wrapping is the way to go this Christmas. Little presents such as jewellery are now easy to wrap up with this simple trick. Easy enough for the kids to help out and it costs next to nothing! Get creative and add some ribbons, glitter and craft paper.