9 hacks for using Rosehip Oil

9 hacks for using Rosehip Oil

We love Rosehip Oil – that’s a well-known fact. It’s has amazing properties such as helping to reduce or smooth the appearance of scars, fine lines, wrinkles and dry patches.

Our Rosehip Oil is a lightweight dry oil which means it absorbs into your skin beautifully to counter dehydrated skin, creating a barrier to prevent moisture loss. It can even be used if you have oily skin.

essano Rosehip Oil is more than just that. We add potent antioxidant acai berry oil to add nourishing vitamins and minerals to help protect your skin. There’s no fragrance, and it is 100% natural and certified organic by Ecocert.

Over time, we’ve found that Rosehip Oil has many more uses than just on your face. Scroll down to find out some of our favourite Rosehip Oil hacks!

1. Soften stretch marks

You layer your skincare, why not your bodycare too? Simply apply a few drops of Rosehip Oil to your palm, warm up and massage onto your stretch marks. Follow up with your favourite essano body lotion to lock in all the goodness!

2. Fight the frizz

Humidity and hair just don’t mix - we get it. If you’re ever without your Argan Hair Serum, you can target those flyaways with our Rosehip Oil. A drop or two can help to smooth everything down and give your hair a beautiful shine.

3. Dry elbows

They’re the bane of dry skin problems, and sometimes, your elbows need a bit of extra TLC. Rosehip Oil is great to dab onto those pesky dry patches around your elbows.

4. Hair serum

Ends of your hair looking a little dry? Rosehip Oil is packed with essential fatty acids that are great for your hair. Next time you’re using a few drops on your face or body, give your hair some attention too.

5. Anti-dandruff remedy

We’re on a roll with all the amazing benefits for your head, and this one is no different. At night, apply a few drops onto your scalp and massage gently. This promotes circulation, is a great stress relief, and can also help to keep dandruff at bay. If your roots are looking a bit oily the next morning, simply use some dry shampoo or wash as normal.

6. Top up your fingertips

Say goodbye to hangnails and dry hands. Use a drop or two of Rosehip Oil as a cuticle oil and massage the excess on your hands to soften them. This can even help to strengthen your fingernails.

7. No more panda eyes.

For waterproof mascara that just won’t budge, Rosehip Oil makes for a great oil-based makeup remover in a pinch. It’s gentle – but do take care to not get any in your eyes. A drop or two on a reusable cotton pad can remove stubborn makeup and nourish your skin at the same time.

8. Foot massage

At the end of the day, we all deserve a relaxing treat! Soak your feet in a warm tub of water, and massage a few drops of Rosehip Oil into the soles of your feet. This not only keeps cracked heels at bay but is a great way to unwind. Put on a pair of cotton socks after to prevent slipping and help the Rosehip Oil absorb into your skin.

9. Baby soft skin

Certified organic and pure, our Rosehip Oil is suitable for kids and babies too! A few drops can help to heal scratches and ouchies on your little ones, especially if they have sensitive skin.

essano Certified Organic Rosehip Oil

So there you have it – these are some of our tried and tested hacks for our Rosehip Oil. Do you have any extra hacks we’ve not covered? Head on over to our Facebook or Instagram page and leave us your ideas in the comments!

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