No More Thirsty Skin with essano Hydration+ No More Thirsty Skin with essano Hydration+

No More Thirsty Skin with essano Hydration+

If you've ever felt like your skin is thirsting for something more, you're not alone. Dehydrated skin is the number one skin concern for many of us. Enter essano Hydration+, packed full of skin actives for no more thirsty skin. Powered by Rosehip Oil and Hyaluronic Acid, this range is a game-changer to achieve intensely hydrated and deeply moisturised skin. 

This blog post is a deep dive into how the essano Hydration+ range can transform your dry, dull skin, leaving you with a plump, supple, dewy complexion. But before we showcase the new products, let's clarify the distinction between hydration and moisturisation.

Hydration vs Moisturisation: What Does Your Skin Crave?

Hydration is all about water, while moisturisation deals with oil. When your skin lacks water, it's dehydrated; when it lacks oil, it's dry - which is why your skin needs both.


Hydration is like giving your skin a refreshing drink of water on a scorching summer day. Powerful actives, like Hyaluronic Acid, are your go-to for this purpose, priming your skin, keeping it soft, supple, and resilient. It's also the foundation that prepares your skin to absorb other skincare products effectively. 


Moisturisation seals the deal by locking in hydration and preventing moisture loss. Facial Oils and Moisturisers create a protective barrier on your skin's surface, ensuring it stays smooth and plump, while retaining that healthy glow.

Hydration and moisturisation are a dynamic skincare duo - working together to keep your skin balanced, vibrant, and resilient. Skipping one or the other could lead to skin that feels dry and tight. 

Say Goodbye to Dehydrated Skin

The Hydration+ range was developed with on one objective in mind, to target the no1 skin concern – dry and dehydrated skin.  By combining hard hitting Hyaluronic Acid with our Certified Organic Rosehip Oil, our iconic Rosehip range is now even better.  The lineup includes a complete regime of hydration heroes crafted to deliver ultimate hydration for your thirsty skin.

The new look powerhouse range is packed full of skin actives (4 weights of Hyaluronic Acid, Ceramide Complex, Shea Butter, Jojoba Seed Oil and others, plus our flagship Certified Organic Rosehip Oil) – delivering an incredible instant hydration for plump, dewy and glowy-looking skin. 

How essano Hydration+ works

Hyaluronic Acid is your hydration superhero, naturally occurring in our skin, connective tissues and eyes. This incredible ingredient is acclaimed for its ability to attract and retain water molecules, holding up to 100 times its weight in water. It protects skin, locking in moisture and forming a bond, ensuring deep and long-lasting hydration. This ingredient is your skin's best friend for keeping it plump, healthy, and radiant.  This range is a step above the competition - containing 4 x molecular weights of Hyaluronic Acid, targeting different layers of the skin + our cleanser includes Hyaloveil-P, an incredible ingredient which bonds to the skin while you cleanse, locking in moisture for intense hydration. 

Certified Organic Rosehip Oil is your go-to for renewing and repairing skin cells, giving you that much-needed dose of moisture and nourishment, thanks to its Omega 3, 6, and 9 goodness. It includes Vitamins A, C, and E - antioxidants that help to renew cells and protect against environmental aggressors. And when it comes to calming inflammation, it's the elixir your skin needs. 

The active ingredients list across the range also includes Ceramide Complex, Niacinamide, Pink Clay, Rosehip Granules and Micelles for that extra boost of skin hydration and Shea Butter and Jojoba Seed Oil to nourish and protect your skin. 

Introducing your seven thirst-quenching superstars:

  • essano Hydration+ Gel Cleanser - Reset your complexion with this gentle, soap-free cleanser for fresh, clean and intensely hydrated skin.
  • essano Hydration+ Micellar Makeup Remover - Remove dirt, oil & all traces of makeup – this triple threat leaves skin clean, fresh and soothed. 
  • essano Hydration+ Toning Mist - Spray this light refreshing mist on cleansed skin to energise and prep before applying treatments.
  • essano Hydration+ Pink Clay Exfoliator - Gently buff & detoxify your face to reveal a bright, smooth complexion with this double-duty exfoliator + mask 2-in-1.
  • essano Hydration+ Daily Facial Moisturiser – Apply after toner and serums for rapid moisture delivery and deeply nourished and plump skin – for 66% instant hydration. 
  • essano Hydration+ Certified Organic Rosehip Oil – Rejuvenate your complexion, leaving skin even, bright and intensely hydrated. 
  • essano Hydration+ Moisture Sheet Mask - Delivers a burst of hydration, leaving skin dewy and glowing - a mega moisture treatment in a flash.


The key to a radiant and healthy complexion is keeping your skin hydrated and moisturised. Regardless of whether you’re experiencing dryness, oiliness, or any other issue, striking the right balance between these elements with essano Hydration+ is your path to achieving your skincare goals. Explore the range - essano Hydration+ is available now from leading supermarkets and pharmacies in Australia, and coming soon to NZ (if you can’t wait, you can get them on our website!)



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