Q&A with Rachel Hunter – modelling, travelling and self-care

Q&A with Rachel Hunter – modelling, travelling and self-care

We recently got the chance to sit down with the beautiful Rachel Hunter, our new Rosehip brand ambassador! We talked about all things self-care, traveling and the discovery of who Rachel is now.

How do you take care of your body?

I love yoga - of course, it’s something I started over 17 years ago, then I went to India and became trained in it. I became a teacher and here I am loving doing workshops, retreats, breathwork classes. Body care for me is having a bath with salts and oils. Always amazing to do these rituals, like new moon and full moon. My morning ritual is meditation coffee then yoga and walking my dog Babee, of course. 

How did you get into your line of work? Was it always the plan?

I got into modeling by accident. I wanted to be a ballerina or a vet. I was discovered on a beach in my native New Zealand and my career took off fast. I did shoots for Revlon, Covergirl, Sports Illustrated. Then I got married and had Renee and Liam. There was extensive traveling, working with incredible people and now that I am older, I am very grateful for what I did and was able to do. 

As for my current line of work, I grew up in a spiritual family and after my mum passed away it led me into a journey of healing and the discovery of “who I am” and I ended up in India. I had been doing yoga for over 16 years. I started teaching and now I keep going back to India as there is always something to experience and discover. I love it.

What do you never leave the house without?

Toner mist spray and mascara.

What’s a tip or trick that makes your life easier?

I do try to keep plant-based as much as possible. Plant-based meal kits are amazing and a great way to save produce from being thrown out and to save money. 

What do you like/loathe about the beauty industry?

Packaging within packaging within packaging! Also greenwashing. We talk about natural beauty but we’re insulting the earth with all this plastic and excess waste. What I like about essano is the accountability and transparency the brand has. essano is actively trying to minimize their impact and make a difference. 

What are your travel must-haves?

Pillow, a special black blanket /shawl from the Himalayas, Rosehip oil, mist, foundation, and mascara. Oh and all of my electrical chargers hanging out everywhere!

How have you taken care of your mind and body during the pandemic?

Like everyone, it has ebbed and flowed. I was in India for the first 5 months. There were moments when I wanted to start a fitness routine. Ideas arise and creativity comes when there is that stillness and time to think and allow the process to happen. Then there were moments when I was confined and wasn’t motivated. The key is to be gentle on yourself and really listen to your body. Yoga has been a lifesaver, taking 10 minutes to meditate, to breath, do some Asana to move the body, or maybe dance with your favorite Spotify list on.  

How do you prepare for the day ahead, beauty and otherwise?

Depends on my day, as I’m sure it does with everyone. Some days it might be some essano skincare and a messy bun for running errands. Or if I have an appointment or meeting, it could be tongs through my hair with foundation, concealer and mascara. Things change as you get older - hair changes, skin changes and you have to be willing to go through those changes and allow them to happen. For me it's about expressing myself in the most natural way possible. Since the day can change, put top essentials in your bag. 

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